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Tampa Social Security Disability Lawyer Explains the New Compassionate Allowances for Social Security Disability Applicants

The Social Security Disability application process can be challenging for many. However, 52 newly announced Compassionate Allowances for disability benefits should speed up the process. These allowance conditions will goCompassionate Allowances Social Security into effect in August of 2012. A Compassionate Allowance Program fast tracks disability decisions for Social Security Disability applicants who have neurological disorders, cancers and rare diseases.

You still must qualify for Supplemental Security Income or Social Security Disability benefits under the Compassionate Allowance Program.

The new 52 conditions increase the total to 165. The 52 new conditions include cancers, brain disorders, rare genetic disorders, early on set Alzheimer’s and immune system conditions.

While the Social Security Disability claim’s process can be done online, it’s not a simple one step process. An application that is incomplete or improperly filled out will be delayed or rejected.

Tampa Social Security Disability lawyer Nancy Cavey can help an applicant determine whether they qualify for the Compassionate Allowance Program and help them with the application process and take other steps to make sure that your claim is processed as efficiently and effectively as possible in the Social Security Disability claim’s process.