Representing SunLife Insurance Company Policy Holders and Claims Denied Cases

SunLife disability insurance attorney SunLife Insurance Company of Canada is a member of the SunLife Financial group of companies that began operating in the United States in 1985. It has over 300 employees at offices in Rosalie Hills and Boston, Massachusetts. SunLife disability has sales offices throughout the United States and provides financial solutions to businesses as well as individuals including disability insurance.

Sun Life Financial is a diversified international financial services organization focused on providing financial solutions to businesses as well as individuals throughout their lifetimes. Sun Life also offers disability insurance.

As a nationwide disability insurance attorney, Nancy Cavey, often receives calls or inquiries from SunLife disability policyholders. SunLife disability insurance attorney Nancy Cavey represents SunLife disability policyholders whose disability claims have been delayed, disputed, denied or terminated by SunLife. She can be contacted at 727-894-3188.

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