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Obama’s 6 Social Security Principles From US News

In a USNews article on President Obama’s 6 Social Security Principles, he states his opinion about the Social Security reform.

“For a program everyone agrees is not in crisis, there sure are a lot of proposals swirling around to “reform” Social Security. There are even a lot of non-proposals, some of which you can find in President Obama’s just-released 2012 recommended federal budget.”

His 6 Prinicples from the article are:

•Any reform should strengthen Social Security for future generations and restore long-term solvency.

•The Administration will oppose any measures that privatize or weaken the Social Security system.

•While all measures to strengthen solvency should be on the table, the Administration will not accept an approach that slashes benefits for future generations.

•No current beneficiaries should see their basic benefits reduced.

•Reform should strengthen retirement security for the most vulnerable, including low-income seniors.

•Reform should maintain robust disability and survivors’ benefits.

Read the full article by clicking the link above.