My doctor tells me that I can’t work anymore. What steps should I take before I stop working?

My doctor tells me that I can’t work anymore. What steps should I take before I stop working?

Get your long-term disability insurance policy (LTD) out and start to read.

First, make sure that the condition preventing you from working is covered under your long-term disability policy. For example, if your policy doesn’t pay benefits for fibromyalgia or only pays for 24 months, you better know that before you stop working.

Secondly, look to see if there are any clauses in your policy that say benefits won’t be paid unless you work for certain time before you became disabled.

Third, look at what the policy says about when you must file a claim. Most long-term disability policies require that you file your claim within 30 days of the day you stop working. One of the most important things people forget to think about is what will happen to their group insurance coverage when they stop working.

Nancy Cavey often finds that people really don’t understand the details of their long-term disability policy. They don’t know what medical conditions are covered, what medical conditions are excluded, and when a claim must be filed. Unfortunately, many long-term disability policy holders don’t learn about the policy terms until they become disabled, made a claim, and been denied benefits.

Attorney Nancy L. Cavey can tell you whether your policy covers your disabling condition, help you file your claim correctly, gather all necessary medical and vocational proof, and help you fill out Activity of Daily Living Forms. If you are unable to work and have a long-term disability policy (LTD), contact Florida, long-term disability/ERISA attorney Nancy Cavey immediately at 727 – 894 – 3188 for a free one hour consultation.

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