Long Term Disability Carriers Right to Be Repaid | LTD Lawyer in Florida

Most Long Term Disability policies provide that you must apply for Social Security Disability benefits. While they will pay you your full Long Term Disability benefits while you are waiting for you Social Security decision, they ask to sign a repayment agreement where you agree to repay the Long Term Disability carrier any overpayment that’s owed as a result of them not reducing your Long Term Disability benefits by the anticipated receipt of your Social Security benefits.

When you are awarded Social Security Disability benefits you will get what’s called a disability back pay. What is that? It is money owed to you from the date of the onset until the date of your award. For many people that can be as much as 24 months of benefits.

I’m sure that you are looking forward to that Social Security Disability back pay thinking that you’ll be able to pay off the debts that you’ve accumulated by waiting for your Social Security Disability award. Beware! There is somebody in the line first and that’s the Long Term Disability carrier. If you don’t pay the Long Term Disability carrier back, they’ll reduce your Long Term Disability benefits until you’ve repaid the overpayment.

If you are a Long Term Disability applicant who has questions about you Social Security Disability claim, disability back pay, or an overpayment of Long Term Disability benefits, contact St. Petersburg Florida Social Security Disability and Long Term Disability attorney Nancy Cavey. Help is only one step away. Contact us today.

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