Lincoln Financial Insurance Company Insurance Denied Policy Holders Disability Denied Attorney

Lincoln Financial Disability Claims in FloridaI am a student of American history and one of my heroes is Abraham Lincoln. The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company was named at the suggestion of Perry Randall, a Fort Wayne attorney and entrepreneur, who suggested that the name “Lincoln” would powerfully convey a spirit of integrity as embodied by Abraham Lincoln. In fact, in August of 2005 Robert Todd Lincoln provided a photograph of his father for the companies stationary and advertising.

Lincoln National’s president hired Dr. Lewis Warren, a Lincoln scholar, in 1928 and subsequently they acquired one the largest collections of books about Abraham Lincoln in the United States. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Museum in Springfield, Illinois now houses this library. Unfortunately, Lincoln National no longer embodies that spirit of integrity that was the basis of their name.

In March 2006, Lincoln acquired Jefferson Pilot Corporation, which was a Fortune 500 company that had been based in Greensborough, North Carolina. It had been founded in 1968 from the merger of Jefferson Standard Insurance, which was founded 1907, and Pilot Life Insurance Company founded in 1903. As part of the deal, Lincoln Financial also acquired Jefferson Pilot’s television and radio stations which were reading in Lincoln Financial media. It is also the former owner of Raycom Sports which broadcasted football and basketball games in the Southeastern Conference.

Unfortunately, Lincoln seems to be paying more attention to their television and radio operation than their Long Term Disability claims.

Nancy Cavey represents Jefferson Standard Insurance Company and Lincoln National disability policyholders such as doctors and lawyer, who have been submitting claims for Long Term Disability benefits and receiving a denial. It is important that you understand what your Jefferson Pilot, Jefferson Standard Insurance Company and Lincoln National policy terms provide, applicable policy limitations and understand what needs to be submitted for your disability claim to be successful.

If you are thinking about filing a disability claim against Jefferson Pilot, Jefferson Standard Insurance Company or Lincoln National, or your claim has been delayed denied disputed or even terminated, a Lincoln National disability attorney can be contacted at 727-894-3188.

Visit Lincoln Financial Group’s website at to see that despite their claims of a tradition of strength and dedication to your financial future, Nancy Cavey’s Lincoln Financial Group disability clients would say otherwise.

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