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Have you looked at the Liberty Mutual Group Website? There is a page on culture and values. Liberty Mutual would have you believe that what sets them apart is a “more than 90-year old mission of ‘helping people live safer and more secure lives’”. According the website, their employees are dedicated to:

1) Integrity
2) Dignity and Respect
3) Superior Products and Services

Unfortunately, in the experience of many Liberty Long-Term Disability policy holders, the company is not living up to that mission.

Liberty Mutual Disability Facts:

Liberty Mutual’s website is an amazing source of information. A Disability Insurance Education Center, Liberty explains that over 54 million Americans or 19% of the population is considered disability. Liberty acknowledges that “the impact of a disabling illness or injury, both financially and emotionally, is devastating.” There are “living expenses such as rent or mortgage, car payments, and utilities continue even while the insurance may cover most medical bills.” Unfortunately, Liberty does not live up to its cultural values in any way. If you are a Liberty Mutual Disability Policy holder whose Liberty Mutual LTD/ERISA claim has been denied contact, Nancy Cavey, a Tampa based Long Term Disability and ERISA attorney. Be sure to visit The Law Offices of Nancy L. Cavey website for more infomation on Long Term Disability Claims process and request our free no-obligation book “Robbed of Your Peace of Mind.”

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