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If You Are a Pharmacist and Don’t Understand the Definition of Your Occupation, You’ll Hate Yourself When Your Long Term Disability Claim is Denied

If you are a pharmacist who has a long term disability policy you should immediately pull out your policy and look at the definition of occupation. It’s the definition of your occupation that will determine whether or not your entitled to long term disability benefits.

Why is that important? Let me give you an example. Let’s say you are a pharmacist who has a period of disability and collect benefits. You return to work but you don’t do as a much pharmacy work because of the physical restrictions as a result of your disability. The long term disability carrier will look at the definition of your occupation to determine if you are a pharmacist or are you a administrator?

Some long term disability carriers will take the position that your occupation at the time you became disabled is an “administrator” and not a pharmacist. That’s important because an administrator is a sedentary position and Long Term Disability carriers will always find a reason to deny long term disability claims if you’ve returned to a sedentary occupation. On the other hand, every pharmacist knows that the hours are long, and require standing, bending, and stooping, that’s far from a sedentary job.

Before you file a claim for disability its cruicial that you understand the definition of occupation in your pharmacists long term disability policy. Contact Pharmacist Long Term Disability attorney Nancy Cavey for a copy of Robbed of Your Peace of Mind. Simply either call today or click on the link to order your copy to know about your rights to Long Term Disability benefits.