How to Respond to UNUM’s Demand for Your Social Security Disability File

If you are a long term disability policy holder with UNUM and have filed for disability benefits, you might be asked to sign a release of your Social Security file.UNUM Disability File

UNUM routinely rejects claimants who get Social Security Disability benefits and it’s not uncommon to see in their denial letters language that says “after thoroughly giving you due consideration to the findings of the Social Security Administration, I, Dr. Paid to Say No, disagree with the Social Security findings. Social Security didn’t have the benefit of our UNUM peer review providers and they didn’t have the ability to review her activity of daily living forms or the surveillance.”

Long term disability carriers, like UNUM, give little credence to Social Security Administration decisions.

If they have asked for a Social Security release, sign the release with the provisions  that: 1. They provide you with a copy of the Social Security file; and 2. That they make a decision on your claim within the appeal period. Don’t let UNUM delay the decision on your claim while they wait for Social Security to produce a copy of your file.

Better yet, contact an experienced long term disability attorney such as UNUM long term disability claim denied attorney Nancy Cavey.

Have a Long Term Disability Claim From UNUM?

Long term disability carriers, like UNUM, don’t always make it easier for their long term disability policy holders to get the benefits they deserve, asking for release of your Social Security file is just one way that they will delay the decision on your UNUM disability claim. Nancy Cavey can help you cut through the red tape and fight for your UNUM disability benefits no matter where you live in the United States. Contact her today at 727.894.3188.  The consultation is free.

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