Hartford Insurance Company Rehabilitation Counselors Denying Long Term Disability Claims

Did you know that it is not uncommon for Long Term Disability carriers, such as Hartford to reward their outside rehabilitation vendors for helping deny Long Term Disability claims?

Hartford has a rehabilitation supplier performance reviews on their Long Term Disability cases and part of that review actually requires the rehabilitation counselor to tell Hartford how much money they have saved Hartford by rendering an opinion that a person can return to work.

I wouldn’t be surprised that there is some form of reward system as part of the performance reviews that rewards vocational rehabilitation counselors and others for assisting in claims closures.

If you’ve received a claim’s denial letter from Hartford or other Long Term Disability carriers, and an opinion that their vocational rehabilitation counselor says that you are capable of working, you have potentially been set up by a rehabilitation provider who is putting their financial interest before yours. You need to immediately contact Long Term Disability/ERISA Hartford Denied attorney Nancy Cavey for assistance in appealing your Long Term Disability claim’s denial. Contact us today to help with your Hartford Claim.

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