Florida First Responder Workers’ Compensation Benefits – Permanent Total

One of the most important Workers’ Compensation benefits you can claim is permanent total disability benefits. A claim for permanent total disability benefits for dates of accident after October 1, 2003 is based on whether you’re functional capacity for work is less than sedentary.

It is important to determine your functional capacity as a first responder and your functional capacity to do less than sedentary work in the labor market. One of the ways to prove your functional capacity is to undergo exercise testing.

There is a very important article from Circulation, a Journal of The American Heart Association on any assessment of functional capacity which can be found at http://circ.ahajournals.org/cgi/content/full/116/3/329.

Proof of permanent total disability benefits is the subject of a recent article in Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Publication 440 News and Report. I will summarize the article and what is important for First Responders to know about their Workers’ Compensation claim.

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