Denied Met Life Disability Claims and Cherry Picking Medical Records

Do you believe that you have been denied on the basis of a selective medical review? It isn’t uncommon for the MetLife administrator to “cherry pick” medical evidence to support their claim’s denial to avoid addressing all of the components of important evidence and end your case.

If that’s happened to you take heart. In Kinser v. Plans Abnin. Committee of Citigroup, Inc., 488f.supp.2d1369 (1383) (N.D.GA. 2007), MetLife’s decision to deny benefits under self funded plan. This held by the court to be arbitrary and capricious when it relied on a selective review of the medical evidence and ignored opinions that favored the claim’s disability. MetLife was also criticized in Migliaro v. IBM Long Term Disability Plan, 231f.supp.2d1167 (1179) (M.D. Florida. 2002) for a selective of review of records.

It’s not uncommon for MetLife to give it’s peer review doctors a portion of the medical records for their review and then to use that incomplete paper review to justify their claim’s denial. MetLife will also cherry pick physicians opinions citing portions of the opinions that support a claim’s denial while blatantly ignoring those portions of your medical records that favor a finding of disability.

If your MetLife plan for Long Term Disability benefits has been denied based on cherry picking of your medical records contact MetLife denied disability attorney Nancy Cavey.

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