Common Myths: What the long term disability companies don’t want you to know about your disability claim.

Long term disability carriers spend a lot of money advertising on the TV. I am sure you have seen advertisements for Liberty Mutual, The Hartford, CIGNA and other carriers claiming how they will be there for you in your time of need when you are unable to work. These insurance companies have used the media to spread a number of myths about disability insurance coverage. Why? To collect your premium! Long Term Disability carriers are in the business of collecting premiums not paying benefits.

Then, in your time of need they betray your trust, they send you correspondence asking you to have doctors complete forms and you fill out activities of daily living forms. When they don’t like the way they are filled out, they will harass your doctor to fill them out differently so that your doctor will finally give up and say you can work. OR better yet, they will send an investigator to your house to take a statement from you and put surveillance on you for the purposes of labeling you a liar.

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