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Category Archives: Latest News

New Article about Former Commissioners of Social Security Voicing Support for Disability Programs

disability programs

In a recent article from the Huffington Post, Donna Meltzer, the Immediate Past Chairperson, Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities; CEO, CEO of the National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities, writes about how 8 former commissioners of the

Social Security are voicing their support for the disability programs we have.

Read the article here:

Secret Assignment of Social Security Judges


The Social Security Administration instituted a new policy in Summer 2011 in which the name of the Social Security Administrative Law Judge assigned to your case is withheld until the day of the hearing. This is new policy has made it difficult for Social Security Disability claimants and their attorneys to properly prepare their clients for a hearing.

How so? Each Administrative Law Judge has:

1. Their own way of conducting a hearing
2. Their own way of viewing the evidence. Some Administrative Law Judges like Memorandums of Law before hearing while others want opening statements.

This new policy is being investigated by the Department of Justice and we will keep you advised as to whether or not the identity of the Administrative Law Judge will be held secret. We are hoping with the appointment of a new Social Security administrative process, the policy will be overturned.

Reed Group Bought by Guardian

The Reed Group is an absence management services based in Westminster  Colorado, who administers long term disability plans included those for Johnson & Johnson. The Reed Group has been beholden for many years to employers as a servicing company doing their bidding and reviewing, analyzing and ultimately denying many long term disability claims. Guardian Insurance Company has bought the Reed Group and one can only imagine that this is for the purposed of improving their claim’s denial rate.

If your long term disability claim has been administered by Reed Group, contact Reed Group disability claim denied attorney Nancy Cavey who can help you with your disability claims regardless of where you live in the United States.

Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund — Application Deadline February 28, 2013

It’s that time of year again! The applications for the Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund must be received by February 28, 2013. The application is available on our website a

The purpose of Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund is to aid dependents or descendants of workers who were injured or killed in the course and scope of their employment and who received benefits under the Florida Workers’ Compensation Law. In addition, dependents of individuals who primarily work in the operation and/or administration of this same law are eligible to receive scholarships.

Social Security Administration Cutting Customer Service Hours

Can you believe it! There is almost a 16 to 18 month wait to get Social Security Disability benefits in the Tampa area, yet, the Social Security Administration is going to be cutting it’s hours of operation at it’s 1,233 field offices for a second time in the last two years.

Shorter hours at Social Security offices shortchange Social Security Disability applicants. The administrative costs to run a Social Security Disability office are paid from the same trust fund that provides Social Security Disability benefits to 56 million Americans. Social Security spent $11.4 billion on administration costs this year.

Nancy Cavey, Tampa Bay Social Security Disability attorney, knows that the Social Security Administration provides critical service and guidance to Floridians seeking to be paid the Social Security Disability benefits they are entitled to as a result of a medical condition. We urge congress to fully fund the administrative budget of the Social Security Administration.

Cutting more than 5 hours from office schedules every week does nothing but truly delay the Social Security Disability claims process.

Crohn’s & Colitis Take Steps Walk Tampa Event

The Crohn’s & Colitis Take Steps Walk Tampa Event is this Saturday, 11/3/12 – The walk starts at 4:00 if you are interested in the event to walk for a great cause (registration starts at 3:00).  The location is right behind the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa. The official Take Steps website can be found here:

We encourage the community to get out there and walk for a great cause, Crohn’s & Colitis affects many people all over the Tampa St. Petersburg area. We look forward to hearing about your walk!

The Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey helps people with their disability benefits, including people who suffer from Crohn’s and Colitis. Need more information about your claim? Give us a call today!

How Do I Calculate my Past Due Social Security Disability Benefits?


Once you are awarded Social Security Disability benefits, you will entitled to a monthly check from the United States Treasury. Additionally, most people also get a bigger first check which represents their “past due benefits”. After you have been found to be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, there is a five month waiting period before you become entitled to those benefits. The Social Security Administration will calculate the amount of past due benefits from the five month waiting period through the date of the award and will issue a check in a lump sum.

For more information on your past due Social Security disability benefits, or if you have a specific question about your Social Security Disability benefits or claim, give us a call.

Oscar Pistorius Disability Can’t Hold Him Down

oscar pistorius disability

By now you probably have heard or atleast seen the man named Oscar Pistorius in relation to the Olympics. According to MSNBC, “Oscar Pistorius of South Africa (or Blade Runner, as he is also called) ran in the men’s 400-meter race in London over the weekend, making history as the first double amputee to compete in the Olympic games.”

“So what was the best moment of his race? Pistorius said that it was coming down the home stretch and “hearing the roar of the crowd and knowing that there were so many people behind me just made it that much more enjoyable, and will definitely be one of the memories I’ll really cherish for the rest of my life.”

We think it is a great moment in history and congratulate Oscar on his accomplishment!

Good Morning America Host Robin Roberts Diagnosed with MDS Preleukemia

In a recent news report, Good Morning America Host Robin Roberts has been diagnosed with the disease myelodysplastic syndrome also known as MDS. Going forward, Roberts – who previously beat breast cancer five years ago looks to also beat this condition. Click the link above to learn more about her condition.

Are you suffering from MDS and are looking for disability benefits? Give us a call today, we deal with MDS disability claims.

Tampa Bay Winners Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund

A big congratulations to the winners of this years Tampa Bay Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund! The following have shown that they are in need of the scholarship and are well deserved. Since we are a sponsor of the fund, we would like to thank all involved this year!