Cardiac Long Term Disability Claims Denied as a Result of Vocational Opinions Florida Disability Claims Denied Lawyer

It is not uncommon for Long Term Disability applicants who have cardiac problems to be denied Long Term Disability benefits on the basis that they can return to their own occupation or any occupation within the national economy.

Long Term Disability carriers will routinely use vocational evaluators to render an opinion that you are capable of returning to old job or some job in the national economy.

If that, in fact, were true you wouldn’t be applying for Long Term Disability benefits.

People who have heart conditions are evaluated under a permanent impairment guide that is based on your cardiac functionality. There are four classes. These functional capacity criteria address your physical capabilities and the impact that ordinary physical activity has in terms of fatigue, palpations, and shortness of breath or anginal pain.

Unfortunately, the functional capacity guide doesn’t address emotional or stress issues.

If your claim for Long Term Disability benefits as a result of a cardiac condition has been denied you need legal representation. Long Term Disability lawyer, Nancy Cavey, can develop the medical evidence regarding depression or problems with stress.

You may have problems with depression, or have difficulties focusing, sleeping, eating or concentration as a result of your psychological problems or side effects of medication.

You most likely will also have a Social Security claim. Nancy Cavey who practices both Social Security and ERISA Long Term Disability law, can help you with your Social Security Disability application and the Long Term Disability claim’s process. Ms. Cavey will help develop the medical and vocational evidence that will address not only your physical capabilities but also your psychological problems and side effects of medication you have.

We all know that stress is an important factor in any cardiac claim and, unfortunately, Long Term Disability carriers routinely deny cardiac claims because they don’t take into consideration the full consequences of cardiac events.

Nancy Cavey does and will help present the complete medical and vocational evidence to both the Social Security Administration and the Long Term Disability carrier.

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