Can I Make a Mistake on Your Long Term Disability Claim Even Before I Stop Practicing Orthopedic Medicine?

If you are an orthopedic physician an are having difficulty practicing orthopedic medicine, you should know you can make a huge mistake even before you stop working. Getting the right date of disability is cruicial before you file your orthopedic claim for long term disability benefits. You should immediately get a copy of your long term disability policy and read it.

How does your policy define occupation? Some policies, including Northwestern Mutual policies, will define an occupation as the occupation that they were doing “at the time of disability”.

There also may be specialty language in your policy such as “being exclusively engaged in an medical specialty for which board certification is available”.

Which would be right the definition of disability if you are an orthopedic surgeon? Would it be based on the number of surgeries you performed before you became disabled? Would be whether you are engaged in a medical specialty? What would be the right definition of disability?

It is cruicial that you understand the definition of disability before you apply for long term disability benefits. There is a lot of “house keeping” work that goes into proving what your occupation is based on the definition of disability. Don’t make a crucial mistake that will destroy your claim for long term disability benefits before you file.

For more information for understanding the “orthopedic surgeons” definition of occupation in long term disability contact long term disability attorney Nancy Cavey who represents physicians across the United States in their long term disability claims.

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