8 Things Every LTD Applicant Should Do Before Filing a Claim for Long Term Disability

Disability insurance companies like to collect premium but fight hard to protect their cash reserves denying claims to protect their cash reserves.

This can lead to financial disaster for Long Term Disability policyholders.

It is important that you understand the Long Term Disability claims process before you file a claim for Long Term Disability benefits. Disability insurance attorney Nancy Cavey suggests that before you file your Long Term Disability claim that you do the following 8 Things:

1. Find your policy

2. Read the policy and directions for filing your claim. Follow every step in the policy.

3. Make a copy of everything you send, and send everything by Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested.

4. While Nancy Cavey does not recommend that you speak on the phone with the adjuster, if you do so, document the phone conversation by making notes or have a family member listening who can also make notes. All communications with the Long Term Disability insurance company should be in writing.

5. Get a copy of your medical records before you file your Long Term Disability claim and review them thoroughly. If there are things that need to be corrected or supplemented make sure that is done before you file your Long Term Disability claim.

6. Let you doctor know that you will be filing a Long Term Disability claim and see if you doctor supports your claim. If they don’t, Nancy Cavey suggests that you find a doctor who will not only treat you, but who will support your claim for disability.

7. Look at your personal financial situation and determine how you are going to survive if the Long Term Disability carrier denies your claim.

8. Consider filing for Social Security Disability benefits at the same time you file your Long Term Disability application.

Nancy Cavey protects the rights of individuals with disability claims and litigates Long Term Disability and ERISA cases throughout the United States against Long Term Disability insurance companies who wrongly delay or deny Long Term Disability claims. If you need help in filing for your Long Term Disability claim, or have a question about your policy, contact us today to help you through the process of gaining the benefits you deserve.

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